Hamilton ON

"I have always been interested in making and building having come from a long line of craftspeople. I am self-taught on the machine but I have always hand knit, so understanding and developing work on a knitting machine was not too much of a stretch. I fell into machine knitting after a career in developing printed and silhouettes for womenswear collections. I felt knitting had a certain warmth and vitality as a physical object and I wanted to pursue that. After finding and restoring a number of Swiss hand flat vintage knitting machines from the 1940’s and 1950’s, a process I really enjoyed, I began to develop swatches and full collections on the machines. Ever since that first machine I have really enjoyed the physical process of knitting on such wonderful pieces of equipment. Despite the description of “machine knitting” I use a lot of hand manipulated motifs and edging on my knitwear, and remain firmly on the analog side of knitwear as opposed to the automated. I feel inspired by vintage knitwear designs from the 1930’s and by the concept of wardrobe favorites. As a consequence I spend a lot of time sampling to make a garment feel like an old friend."

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