Dan Shannon - Hamilton ON

"There's a profound satisfaction in starting with a raw piece of wood - something that grew right out of the earth - and cutting, milling, shaping, sanding, and finishing it into something beautiful. The whole process is important. Skip a step or make a wrong assumption, and you will be lucky to have things not end in compromise, or maybe even heartbreak.  But if you take the time and energy required, if you give it all of your heart, and your mind, and your body, you can end up with something special.  Something that reveals all the previously hidden beauty of the material itself. Something that brings the user pleasure to touch, manipulate, and look at. Something useful that will outlive its maker.

Working away in my little shop, what drives me is the hope that these things that I make will speak to people in some way that makes their lives a little simpler and more beautiful. I hope that these objects allow people at least a fleeting moment of peace and pleasure when they run their hands across them.  I hope they will become the 'little treasures of the past' of the future - and provide a personal, human connection from maker to user, right through to another generation"

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