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Join us for the annual Beyond the Valley Studio Tour - both Emma and Jesse are working on a fresh collection of work for this tour, and are pleased to be hosting local photographer Paul Simon in the studio as well. Emma will be giving pottery demonstrations throughout the weekend.

Past Exhibitions and Events

Wendy Cotter House Miniatures


May 31 - June 16, 2019

An exhibition featuring the most cherished and necessary structure of life: the home. Invited artists submit works that explore nostalgia and memory, loss, comfort, landscape, space, and familiarity. This exhibition features works in metal, mixed media, painting, clay, photography, textiles and wood. Join us for the opening and artist reception on Friday May 31, from 7-9pm.

Invited Artists:
Caroline Forde, Clare Pearson, Emma Smith, Genevieve Patchell
Kim Harcourt, Krystal Speck, Maggie Shepherd, Paul Simon, Wendy Cotter

Kiss the Paper Birch Trees

Flora & Fauna

April 12 - 26, 2019

Flora & Fauna is a multi media exhibition celebrating the start of spring and living things from big to small! Each Canadian artist has been invited to submit works highlighting creatures and natural elements in a range of materials: metal, clay, paper, mixed media, textiles, wood and found objects. Join us for the opening and artist reception on Saturday, April 13 from 7-9pm.

Invited Artists:
Amber Aasman, Andrea Vuletin, Christina Obuch, Dayna Gedney, Jenny Pulling,
Kaitlyn Brennan, Lesley Bergen, Olga Wieczorek, Thea Haines

OPEN HOUSE 2018.jpg

Annual Holiday Open House 2018

December 1 & 2

We’re turning 3!
Join us for a weekend of demos, live music, refreshments and prizes to kick off your holiday shopping!

Saturday December 1 10AM - 8PM
10 - 12pm, 2 - 4pm Pottery Demos with Emma Smith
6 - 8pm Studio Concert with David Brideau Quartet

Sunday December 2 10AM - 5PM
10 - 12pm, 2 - 4pm Pottery Demos with Emma Smith
12 - 1pm Piano and Accordian by Cesar Manos

Emma Smith Ceramics

Beyond the Valley Studio Tour
Emma Smith, Jesse Black, Jon Vansickle

October 13 - 14, 10am - 5pm

Join us for the annual Beyond the Valley Studio Tour, and take a tour of Emma Smith's ceramic studio. We will be hosting special guests Jon Vansickle (leather footwear) and Jesse Black (fine carpentry), and will have a large selection of freshly woodfired pottery to kick off your holiday shopping. Refreshments provided.

Find the full list of artists and studios on the tour, by clicking here.


Take a Moment
Photography by Justin Mulder

September 28 - October 7, 2018

Earlier this year, local photographer Justin Mulder was selected to be part of the 157th Salon National des Beaux Arts Exhibit, at the Louvre in Paris, France.  He is one of a handful of artists in Canada, travelling to Paris in December to represent our country's film artists! Justin's family has put together a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the shipping, insurance, and fees associated with getting the works to France. We will be hosting an intimate event with Justin on September 28, where you can meet the artist, be the first to see the piece chosen to be displayed at the Louvre, and enjoy an evening of refreshments. This will also be the opening for the week long show of new works by Justin - we will have many pieces that have never been shown before! To buy your ticket to the opening event on September 28, and support a local artist's international exhibition, click here.

"Raised in Rural Ontario, Justin first fell in love with beautiful landscapes, big open skies, colour rich sunsets and billowing clouds well before he ever picked up his first camera. Taking photographs to capture this serenity was only natural. For decades Justin’s obsession with taking photographs was a well guarded secret that very few knew.  Used to escape the daily grind and the chaos life would throw his way, photography was an outlet he used to strengthen his mental health and keep creativity in his life."

Niki Kingsmill Oksana Berda at Black & Smith

Following the Line

July 6 - 26, 2018

An exhibition of illustrations and watercolour paintings by Hamilton artist Niki Kingsmill and Toronto artist Oksana Berda.
Opening reception and meet the artists  July 6 from 7 - 9pm.

Vessels for Flowers at Black & Smith
Vessels For Flowers at Black & Smith

Vessels for Flowers

May 4 - 24, 2018

Vessels For Flowers is a ceramic and floral exhibition featuring the work of 12 Canadian artists working in clay, making and designing vessels to display nature's beauty. This broad range of clay vessels shows the very best that this medium can offer. From highly decorated narratives, to quiet and subtle focus on form, the variety of work is incredible.

Invited artists:
Annemarie Row, Bruce Cochrane, Carole Epp, Cathi Jefferson, Emma Smith, Filipa Pimentel
Jennifer Drysdale, Kate Hyde, Michelle Mendlowitz, Sarah Pike, Thomas Aitken, Tony Clennell

Florals for the opening by Jessica Payne of A Fine Medley