Lichia Liu - Toronto ON

"Above everything else, we are unconventional storytellers. We believe in deepening friendships and connecting people to each other through their story.

The Gotamago collection features original ink-and-watercolour illustrations designed and printed in Toronto, Canada. Every design has a personal story and is delivered from the heart. Inspired by urbanity, nature, and the simplicity of everyday things, we combine a love for travel and culture with a sense of continual discovery.

Lichia emigrated from Taiwan to Canada when she was seven. A self-taught illustrator, she would fill her schoolbooks with drawings. It only made sense she would end up in the design world. But six years into her corporate Landscape and Urban Design career, Lichia was on the subway commute one morning and realized she needed more authenticity, autonomy, and artistic exploration in her work. So in 2013, armed with tenacity and wit, Lichia leaped to focus full-time on Gotamago."