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"Clare Pearson has studied Design at Sheridan College, Fibres and Sculpture at Concordia University and Jewellery at George Brown College. Her sculptural installations have been exhibited at various Ontario galleries (including The Art Gallery of Hamilton, McMaster Museum of Art and Hamilton Artists Inc.) and her work has found homes with private collectors worldwide. She references her background in design and three-dimensional art in creating the delicate elements of her jewellery. Drawn to the world of functionality, she has turned her focus to precious metals, creating small scale sculptures for the body. Clare works from her Dundas, Ontario studio for private collectors and galleries and is an instructor at Dundas Valley School of Art."


How did you get into your art/craft?
Thankfully, my parents have always encouraged creativity and I started at a very young age. My first art classes were at the Hamilton Art School which used to occupy the whole third floor at 41 King William Street in Hamilton.  Years later, that space was divided into small studio spaces and I rented a studio there for a couple of years. Now, that building is home to The Mule and Factor(e) Design Initiative. I was a full-time foundation student at DVSA, studied Craft and Design at Sheridan for a year, before our instructors went on strike. During that strike, I decided to switch my focus to the Fine Arts program at Concordia University, where I immersed myself in the faculties of sculpture and fibres. I spent many years after university as a member of the Osmosis Collective, working in my studio and showing in group exhibitions. I’ve always been a mixed media/assemblage artist and worked in 3D. When I was exploring media and tried my hand at precious metal fabrication, I was hooked. I’ve never looked back. Now it’s small-scale sculpture that can be worn.

What do you like to listen to while you’re working?
I really like music from West and North Africa.  Also Nick Cave, Tindersticks, Agnes Obel. To name a few.

Outside of your medium, what other types of art/design/etc are you inspired by?
Architecture and landscape design.

If you couldn’t be an artist/craftsperson, what would you love to be?
My dog. He has a very good life.

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Where is your studio located?
My studio is in Dundas. 

What’s your favourite thing about your city?
I love being so close to the conservation area and all the trails.

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?
My family is from the North East coast of England- so I would love to live somewhere coastal. I’m drawn to Scotland’s West Hebrides. I have no issue with cold, grey and damp.

What do you love most about Canada?
That we haven’t ignored our responsibility to our fellow human beings fleeing countries of unrest.

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What brand/artist can you not get enough of?
The works of visual artists Berlinde De Bruyckere and Anish Kapoor.

What’s one thing you hope makes it big?
Widespread appreciation for all things handmade.

What's your favourite book?
Too many favourites. One I return to from time to time is Giacometti Portrait by James Lord.

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What's your favourite thing to do with your “down time”?
Trail walks with my dog, Kane.

If you could go to dinner with ANYBODY, alive or dead, who would it be?
Piet Oudolf and Tadao Ando. Together.

What’s one goal you’re working towards right now?
Live/work balance but I can’t sit still long enough to figure out how that works.

What’s your favourite thing to do over the holidays?
Bundled-up hikes on the Bruce Trail (with snow shoes, if the weather permits!)
I like making big pots of soup, followed by warm blankets and scotch.