Brodie Dawson from Dawson's Hot Sauce



"Founder of Dawson's, Brodie started the company in mid 2013. He started cooking hot sauce as a hobby and a way to share great sauces with friends and family. This raised a lot of positive attention in his circle and eventually he was inspired by a colleague to open his own business. Less than a year later, Dawson's was launched and he hasn't looked back since!

As Dawson's began to grow, so did it's need for a keen eye in the kitchen. Bruce offered his skills where they were needed most. A Father and a mentor in cooking, Bruce was able to give Dawson's the professional skill it required and the family name it honored."



How did you get into your art/craft?

Mostly by chance. I retired from music back in 2013 and was looking for a way to be creative. Hot sauce was the answer, and for months I made sauce for friends and Family. Finally someone came along and said we should try marketing the sauces. Since then we've been growing and evolving as a company!

What do you like to listen to while you’re working? 

We find it a bit challenging to listen to music while working. Our kitchen is very loud and Bruce isn't fond of 'turning it up to 11.' We tend to just enjoy conversation and each others company.

What keeps you inspired?

A great hot sauce is very inspiring. We make many great sauces, but not without the many failures in between. Sometimes trying a sauce by another brand or something someone just made at home can be very inspiring. 

If you couldn’t be a craftsperson, what would you love to be?

I'd probably still be playing music to be honest. 

What’s your favourite thing about your city?

We are based out of Hamilton. We love the new food community that has paired with the artists all around town. It's nice to have culture, food and night life all together downtown again.

If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?

I'd like to live in New York. We spent time this year in Brooklyn and really loved the vibe. It has a big city Hamilton feeling with the people.

What do you love most about Canada?

I love our cultural diversity here. We have so many people from different walks of life, I feel we get to experience so much the world has to offer by bringing a little bit of everything to our cities and communities. Variety has always been a wonderful perk of being Canadian.

When you get some "down time" what do you like to do?

I love a good hang out. We keep a very active and vast social group and it's always great to go spend time with friends.

If you could go to dinner with ANYBODY, alive or dead, who would it be?

Ellen. Next question! 

What brand/artist can you not get enough of?

We love a variety of other hot sauce companies. Too many to reference really so lets just say we love our competition instead of hate them!

What’s one goal you’re working towards right now?

Increasing our presence both locally and abroad. It's very competitive and challenging in this business but we keep ourselves focused and determined to make waves!

What’s your favourite thing to do over the holidays? 

The Dawson's favourite thing is Boxing Day. Every year we get together for a huge family dinner and we all eat drink and laugh. It's the one day of the year that we all get together and it's very special.